I lost 3.5 stone

Success stories Angela

I’d been on a diet on and off for the last 10 years since having my kids, and nothing was working – I just kept putting on more weight. I felt totally miserable about how I looked and it was getting completely out of control. Then about 18 months ago I met Rob and started Fun Fit!

The nutrition advice is brilliant – really clear advice and Rob always listens and understands exactly what will work for me. He’s really helped me to tackle my emotional eating habits and it’s also the practical advice that makes all the difference. He also has a knack of knowing just what to say to remotivate me, if I need to get back on track as I still have the odd little blip!

I love coming to my personal training and group training seasons – the people are great and we laugh so much. It’s loads of fun but really hard work too! I’d definitely recommend it!

I lost 2.5 stone

Success stories Jenny

There are so many things I love about Fun Fit. I have really appreciated the support and encouragement in exercise and eating and being able to talk through difficulties such as lapses into unhealthy eating. The recipes and eating plans are really good and have helped to eliminate some of the cravings I have previously struggled with. I appreciate the variety of activities and having exercise tailored to my needs. No session ever feels quite the same. I have also enjoyed the fun and banter in shared sessions and being made to feel welcomed and encouraged.  Come along its a great craic, Robs great, knowledgeable , supportive and friendly and you’ll laugh your way to a strong core!

I lost 2 stone and have kept it off for over 3 years!

Success stories Pam

Working with Rob is motivating and empowering, he helps you believe you can achieve your goals. After previous attempts at dieting I always ended up putting weight back on, and hating the feeling that it had all been a bit pointless. Then starting to work with Rob was such a boost and I haven’t looked back; the changes we have made to my eating habits are realistic and sustainable, and they work, and the recipes and food taste good so you don’t see it as a diet, I’ve just changes my eating habits for the better. The 2 stone I lost initially has stayed off for over 3 years now (with the odd little blip at Christmas!)

I love the style of the fitness training too – I’ve never really liked working out at the gym. Rob really does make fitness fun – particularly the team games and boxing at bootcamp so it doesn’t feel like hard work but you still get the results! Its’s brilliant and I would recommend fun fit personal training and bootcamp to anyone!

Wendy – I would highly recommend Fun Fit if you’re serious about losing weight or get fitter

Success stories Wendy

I have trained with Rob at bootcamp and personal training for quite a while and he is an excellent teacher. He has an encouraging manner without ‘shouting’ although he doesn’t let you get away with being lazy. Believe me I’ve tried! I would highly recommend Fun fit if you are serious about losing weight or getting fit. I enjoy it most when it is outside

Gautam – I lost 2 stone and really increased my confidence

Success stories Gautam

I started personal training with Fun Fit Nottingham a year ago, and have been delighted with the results. Not only have I lost over 2 stone and cut my body fat by nearly half, but I’ve really increased my confidence and I feel much happier in myself. Rob is a great trainer, he’s really encouraging and helpful but he pushes me really hard. I enjoy the sessions and the healthy eating advice is spot on. If you want to lose weight I would definitely recommend training with Rob!

Christine – “Rob was amazing, sorted out my nutrition and adapted so many exercises, so as not to aggravate my knees

Success Stories Christine

Don’t know how to write a review about Rob without sounding too gushing. I Came to Rob some months after a knee replacement. I was very nervous about exercising on my new knee and not wanting to make my other rubbish knee any worse. Because of the lack of exercise I was also feeling like a beached whale. Rob was amazing, sorted out my nutrition and adapted so many exercises, so as not to aggravate my knees. Rob takes a genuine interest in everyone of his clients, he is so much more than a trainer. He is caring, extremely knowledgeable, professional, very understanding and quickly becomes a great friend to all his clients.

Whether you decide to have individual P.T. sessions, or join one of Rob’s Boot Camps you will have great fun, work hard, plenty of giggles and support which is second to none!
Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rob to anyone, regardless of age or ability!