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It’s almost impossible to overcome a rubbish diet purely by training hard.

Losing weight is 70% about what you eat and 30% about exercise.

This is why an essential part of the fun fit nottingham personal training and bootcamp programmes involves supporting you to eat the right things and accelerate your weight loss results, and keep the weight off long term.

With our guaranteed results programme you get weekly nutritional coaching and food diary analysis, our 2 weight loss recipe books, and our comprehensive 28 day Nutrition Plan which includes meal plans, shopping list and recipes.


    Whether you’re looking to lose a dress or jeans size, lose several stone over the course of a year (as many of our clients do) or tone your muscles and lose that annoying fat that seems to cling to your tummy, knowing what to eat is essential to getting the results that you want.

    I know that fat loss coaching can be truly life changing and I have the privilege of seeing this nearly every day in my work and I’m lucky to receive lots of heartfelt thank you messages from my clients just for doing my job well. My clients usually leave their sessions feeling stronger, more positive and full of life, with a clear plan of action to take forward into the next week.

    Our Weight Loss Nutrition Plans have been developed as a kick start to help you with your body transformation. The goal is to boost your body and mind with natural nutrition and effective exercise, and enable you to build a solid foundation for superior health moving forward

    7 days of delicious recipes, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. These tasty meals are balanced and designed to bring optimal energy, fat loss and a feeling that you are in control and can keep this up long term.

    Your 7 day plan has been designed to achieve fantastic results whilst eating great tasting, nutritious meals. The recipes are primarily based upon fish, seafood, meat, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits and nuts, as these unprocessed foods are the key to you thriving every single day. Simply put, nutrition that brings out the best in you!

    The meals are also designed to optimise hormonal function and digestive health, as these are essential to achieving and sustaining any health outcomes you desire.
    This 7 day plan is based on REAL food with shopping lists, snacks and quick healthy meals, everything you need to get you equipped and organised. All you need to do is cook, eat, exercise, sleep and follow the plan.


      That is probably a bit easier said than done though to be honest! Following any nutrition plan, (however good it is) is always a challenge, so you need to be prepared, committed and determined to succeed.

      No recipe book or nutrition plan is a magic bullet solution… but it can certainly help you by providing a clear, easy to follow, step by step approach and some of the knowledge that you need to succeed with your weight loss. You may love the look of some of the recipes but think that one or two just aren’t your cup of tea… and that’s ok… I’m not offended… honest! Just take whatever you can from this plan, and remember you can adapt the ingredients sensibly to suit your tastes. If you hate chicken then you could change that for a lean pork steak instead, or you might dislike garlic – so just leave that out if you do.

      I know from my experience of working with hundreds of people who want to lose weight that everyone is unique… we all have different metabolisms, tastes, appetites, habits, cooking abilities, busy schedules, family and work circumstances, budgets and emotional attachments to food and drink. I don’t just expect you to pick up this plan like a robot and implement it to the letter straight away (although you are likely to see great results if you do that!)

      You may need a bit more help to work through some of the complicated and sometimes emotionally challenging lifestyle changes you will need to make to achieve long term sustainable changes to your eating and exercise habits. It can be hard to lose weight for a prolonged period. Keeping to those good habits and staying motivated can be hard, but you CAN do it, you are stronger than you realise. With the right support and guidance you’ll be amazed what you’re truly capable of.

      Making an investment to work together with a body transformation coach to adapt your lifestyle is one of the most effective ways to guarantee your long term success. It will supercharge your motivation, unlock the knowledge that you need, and help you to find personalised solutions to each problem. Solutions that fit your goals, your lifestyle, your tastes, your time constraints and your motivation.

      Are you ready to transform your body and feel amazing?



          Weight loss success stories

          I’ve lost 4 stone and feel 10 times better!

          Success stories Andy

          I’ve now lost over 4 stone since starting personal training and I’m really happy with my new energy levels and fitness


          Jonny – I’m seeing some really good results and people are already commenting positively on my changing appearance

          Success Stories Jonny

          Rob works you hard and is brutally honest with your food diary but is also great fun and very supportive!


          I lost 2 stone and cycled to Paris!

          Success stories Tony

          I went from couch potato to completing a 300 mile London to Paris bike ride in 5 months. This is one of my proudest achievements and I can’t thank Rob enough.


          Suzie – I’ve lost 2 stone and started eating vegetables again for the first time in over 20 years

          Success stories Suzy

          I’ve lost 2 stone and started eating vegetables again for the first time in over 20 years