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Personal Training Nottingham

Personal Training with Fun Fit Nottingham can help you to achieve the weight loss and fitness results you want quickly, safely and effectively.

We can help you to transform your body and change the way think and feel about food and exercise in the long term.

Your Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Nutrition Coach will provide you with everything that you need to reach your weight loss and fitness goals, including:

  • Motivational lifestyle coaching
  • Nutrition advice, planning and support
  • Nutrition plan and recipe books
  • Bespoke fitness programmes
  • Fun, varied, interesting workouts
  • Cutting edge fat loss training techniques
  • A friendly mentor, coach and confidant who gets you results!

Personal training includes nutrition advice for guaranteed results

If you want to lose weight it's vital to eat well.

All of our Personal Training packages include:

  • Nutrition advice and lifestyle coaching
  • Food and exercise diary analysis
  • Our 28 Nutrition Plan book with recipes and shopping lists
  • Our 100 healthy weight loss recipes book
  • Weekly weigh-ins and body fat checks
  • Accountability to eat well and exercise



      Where we train

      Personal Training with Fun Fit Nottingham takes place both inside and outside. If its a gorgeous sunny day we train outside, but I'm not usually mean enough to make you train outside in sleet and snow!

      • Private Personal Training Studio in Mapperley Park
      • Private Personal Training Studio in Central Nottingham
      • Outside at the local parks
      • Outside at Carrington Cricket Club (we have private access)
      • In your home depending on location and availability

      What to expect from your consultation

      Your initial Personal Training consultation will allow us to

      • Have a chat and get to know each other,
      • Do a quick fitness test (nothing too scary!)
      • Weigh-in, check your body fat % and take measurements
      • Set realistic, achievable goals to transform your body
      • Plan the best approach for you to achieve these results
      • Have a look at your current exercise and eating habits
      • Find out what you enjoy (to make your training more fun!)

      Our personal trainers

      Personal Trainer Nottingham
      Personal Trainer Nottingham

      Rob - Personal Trainer Nottingham - 34 years old

      I qualified as a Personal Trainer and started Fun Fit Nottingham back in 2012 after dreaming of setting up my own business for several years. It's the best decision I ever made and it's been an incredibly rewarding experience working a community of loyal clients who have achieved amazing results together. The highlight so far has been running four luxury fitness and yoga retreats in Derbyshire and Portugal.

      Success stories Jono

      Jono - I lost 3 stone with fun fit, and now I'm a personal trainer

      I know Personal Training with Fun Fit works because I've lost 5 stone myself training, much of that training with Fun Fit Nottingham!

      3 years ago I weighed over 18 stone and was struggling to move on the hockey pitch, getting pains in my back and almost felt like packing hockey in. Beer and takeaways at Uni had really taken their toll on my body, I felt down, was always struggling with my weight and wishing I could get to a point where I was happy with my body, or could at least forget all about it. Having another night out or takeaway was often the solution to make me feel better.


      Personal training success stories

      Jonny – I’m seeing some really good results and people are already commenting positively on my changing appearance

      Success Stories Jonny

      Rob works you hard and is brutally honest with your food diary but is also great fun and very supportive!


      Roger – I lost over 4 stone with Fun Fit and it’s probably saved my life!

      Success stories Roger

      I lost over 4 stone with Fun Fit and it’s probably saved my life!


      I lost 3.5 stone and got fit for football again

      Success stories Gareth

      Rather than packing in Football… I lost 3 and half stone… and actually ended up winning most improved player of the season for my club and I’m playing 90 minutes regularly for the 1st team now and loving it!


      Christine – “Rob was amazing, sorted out my nutrition and adapted so many exercises, so as not to aggravate my knees

      Success Stories Christine

      Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rob to anyone, regardless of age or ability!