I lost 2 stone and have kept it off for over 3 years!

Success stories Pam

Working with Rob is motivating and empowering, he helps you believe you can achieve your goals. After previous attempts at dieting I always ended up putting weight back on, and hating the feeling that it had all been a bit pointless. Then starting to work with Rob was such a boost and I haven’t looked back; the changes we have made to my eating habits are realistic and sustainable, and they work, and the recipes and food taste good so you don’t see it as a diet, I’ve just changes my eating habits for the better. The 2 stone I lost initially has stayed off for over 3 years now (with the odd little blip at Christmas!)

I love the style of the fitness training too – I’ve never really liked working out at the gym. Rob really does make fitness fun – particularly the team games and boxing at bootcamp so it doesn’t feel like hard work but you still get the results! Its’s brilliant and I would recommend fun fit personal training and bootcamp to anyone!