Jono – I lost nearly 5 stone then became a fun fit personal trainer myself

Success stories Jono

I know Personal Training with Fun Fit works because I’ve lost over 5 stone myself – 3 of them training with Rob!

3 years ago I weighed 18 stone and was struggling to move on the hockey pitch, getting pains in my back and almost felt like packing hockey in. It was make or break time and I made the decision to lose weight and get fit. I started cutting back on food and lost nearly two stone on my own, but then my progress stalled for ages and I couldn’t shift any more weight.
Rob come to my Hockey Club to run a fitness session, I enjoyed it and we spoke afterwards when I decided to try out Personal Training. He’s helped me to make gradual improvements to my eating and is always progressing my training programme so the weight has continued to come off. I’ve lost a further 3 stone now and I’m in the best shape of my life.

We were talking about my job and I I told Rob I wasn’t enjoying work anymore and I really wanted to be working in sports and fitness. He encouraged me to train as a Personal Trainer, I went for it, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I love helping my clients to overcome the same struggles I went through losing weight and I can really understand a lot of what you are going through.

Rob still trains me and continues to help me develop my skills as a personal trainer, and I now work for Fun Fit Nottingham delivering some of the personal training and weight loss coaching, and the weekend bootcamps.

This year I’m really pushing myself physically and I’ve signed up to several long obstacle races and triathlons. I’m now playing regular first team hockey and still coaching two of our club teams.

Personal Training with Fun Fit really has been a life changing experience