Personal Trainer Nottingham

Personal Trainer Nottingham

Personal Trainer Nottingham

Rob - Personal Trainer Nottingham - 34 years old

I qualified as a Personal Trainer and started Fun Fit Nottingham back in 2012 after dreaming of setting up my own business for several years. It's the best decision I ever made and it's been an incredibly rewarding experience working a community of loyal clients who have achieved amazing results together. The highlight so far has been running four luxury fitness and yoga retreats in Derbyshire and Portugal.

Sport and exercise has always been an important part of my life, and I play everything from football, cricket, tennis, golf, squash, skiing, cycling and running.

I've been involved in coaching football and cricket since I was 14 years old, when I discovered that I enjoy helping people to develop not only their ability and skills, but their enthusiasm.

My mission with Fun Fit Nottingham is to help you to get fit, lose weight and have fun.

I've trained as a life coach and my approach to training is motivating, encouraging and friendly. I have a knack of getting the best out of people whilst having a chat and a laugh together too, and I know what questions to ask you to help you make the key lifestyle changes that will bring about lasting long term results for you. I really care about my clients and want to look after every aspect of your well-being and try to help you improve your life. If you are feeling happier and less stressed you are much more likely to eat healthily and have the energy to train.

If you want to find out more about training with Rob and Fun Fit Nottingham give me a call on 07735512513 or book your free consultation or taster session now

Personal Trainer Nottingham

Jono - I lost 3 stone with fun fit, and now I'm a personal trainer

I know Personal Training with Fun Fit works because I've lost 5 stone myself training, much of that training with Fun Fit Nottingham!

3 years ago I weighed over 18 stone and was struggling to move on the hockey pitch, getting pains in my back and almost felt like packing hockey in. Beer and takeaways at Uni had really taken their toll on my body, I felt down, was always struggling with my weight and wishing I could get to a point where I was happy with my body, or could at least forget all about it. Having another night out or takeaway was often the solution to make me feel better.

There is always a trigger moment when people decide to make big changes. Mine was this:

One day the new coach at my hockey club bumped into me in town while I was tucking into fish and chips. He light-heartedly blurted out 'hi fatty, how are you?' It was perfectly friendly, no offence meant, the usual banter. I'd heard it all before and it didn't generally bother me. Well I pretended it didn't. But for some reason it cut into me like a knife.

That was my wake up call. The new coach had me marked out as 'Fatty.' Not good. I was not going to get picked much this season and I just know things had to change right now!

It was make or break time. I made the decision to lose weight and get fit. I started cutting back on my portions of food and lost over two stone on my own, but then my progress stalled and I couldn't shift anymore weight which was incredibly frustrating as I was training lots and eating very little.

Then Rob come to my Hockey Club to run a fitness session, I enjoyed it and we spoke afterwards when I decided to try out Personal Training with him.

We talked in depth about my nutrition and that was the key. Rob guided me around the right foods to eat at the right times, sorted me out with a nutrition plan with nice food that I could stick to and enjoy eating and the weight started to fly off again! I loved the training sessions, and learned all about how different methods of training were more effective for fat loss. I enjoyed working with my small group, and we were all getting great results together and spurring each other on.

One day we were talking about work and I told Rob I wasn't enjoying my office job anymore and we talked about my passion and experience in hockey coaching and it just seemed the obvious career choice that I should re-train as a Personal Trainer, and help people to achieve what I have.
Fast forward to today, I’m now the fittest I’ve and happiest I’ve ever been. I’ve lost roughly 70lbs, and over halved my body fat percentage from 40% to ~18%, and I'm training Personal Training Clients of my own and getting great results with them too. It's really rewarding!
I still have a way to go on my fitness journey, with new goals and challenges constantly. I’m now fit enough to play hockey to a competitive standard, and during the off season can be found training for either my next triathlon or obstacle course race.

I've been there , done that and got the Tshirt. I've experienced first hand the struggle of being overweight, with bad eating habits, and I've gone through the ups and downs, and the struggle of losing weight and transforming my body.

It is much, much easier to lose weight and get fit, with support, and expert guidance and having a personal trainer to help you makes all the difference.

You can achieve your goals and dreams, with a little hard work and determination. If you want me to help you achieve what I did contact us now and book your free consultation or taster sessions!